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Asset Management

Your contracts with your asset manager Stüfe & Partner:

1. General Terms oft the Asset Management Service Agreement

  • Appointment as Asset Manager
  • Power of Attorney for Buy/Sell orders
  • Informational Duties
  • Management Fee

2. Instructions for Asset Management:

  • Investment Target and MIFID guidelines
  • Guidelines for Portfolio Structure

The following is to be considered in your contract with us:

  • Individual Concept: Your individual investment goals and your personal life cycle are to be considered.
  • Midterm Strategy: We will structure your portfolio in line with your life cycle and personal needs. All investment decisions are set out for a midterm duration. Longterm sounds better, but often does not align with your life cycle. AND: “In the Long Run we are all dead”!
  • Wide range of securities and currencies: You can request us to invest in all major currencies, corporate and government bonds, stocks and derivates worldwide.
  • Our guiding investment principles and Tools of Value Investing will lead you safely through ups and downs.