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Europe, Eastern Europe/Russia, Turkey USA/Canada, Latin America Far East Asia, Middle East

2015: Visit to Paris Stock Exchange (Euronext), French Brokers Montevideo (Uruguay), 2 Uruguayan candidates for listing at Paris Vancouver BC + Calgary (Canada) networking, Madrid (Spain) Macro Picture Analysis

2014: Porto Alegre (Brazil), CAMPEAO Lotto & Gaming company presentation, Montevideo+Punta del Este (Uruguay), listing candidates for Europe, Networking in Vancouver BC (Canada) and Cancun (Mexico) Dubai (UAE): Investors Conference on the Palm Island

2012: Vancouver BC (Canada), networking Stuefe & Partner Conference about EUROCRISIS in Lisbon (Portugal)

2010: Black Swan Conference Lisbon (Portugal)
- No activities because of market correction 2008 till 2009 - Portfolios invested in Cash/super high yield German/Austrian corporate bonds

2007: Vienna (Austria) Investors conference, Kiev (Ukraine) CEO Summit

2006: London, Dubai 3times with Russian and Arab investors

2005/06: 3times Kiev Stock Market, Road Show Donezk

2004: St. Christoph, Arlberg/Austria: Investors’ conference by Raiffeissen Group, Bucharest Stock Market, Road Show (Raiffeissen)

2003: Börse Istanbul, Road Show (Turkish Broker)
- No activities 2000 to 2002 because of ongoing stock market crash - Portfolios invested in Cash/Money Funds 4% yield

1998/99: Subscriber of many IPOs, Deutsche Balaton, Net. IPO, New Market boom

1997: Meeting with President of Paraguay/Press Conference, Meeting with stock brokers and fund managers in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), follow up meetings in Madrid (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary)

1996: Moscow/Nishni Novogorod/St. Petersburg Road Show by Regent Securities London/Hong Kong

1993/94: Budapest Stock Exchange (hype in 1996/1997) Road Shows organized by Elsö Nemet Befektetesi (1. German Broker)

1993: Analysis of Swiss Stock Market, Visit of 10 Swiss Small Caps in Basel, Zürich, Genf, all Switzerland

1992: Wallstreet New York City, Morgan Stanley, Quantum Fund

1987: Western Australia Goldmining Tour, Visit of brokers in Hong Kong

1986: Western Australia Goldmining Tour

1985: Madrid: Number One Stock Exchange in 1986, Visit of selected mid and large caps, Stock Brokers and Banks in Madrid

1984/85: Wien: Number One Stock Exchange 1985, Company Visits, meeting 1985 with Stock Analysts of major banks CA BV and Landerbank

1983: South Korea: Visit of 12 korean large caps (now giants)