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In 1995, Dr. Kaposi, Stüfe & Partner International Asset Management was established in Frankfurt-Kronberg, Germany.

  • Dr. Klaus Kaposi (45% ownership), starting with Bear Stearn New York in th 70ties, named best fund manager twice, managing director of the Kapitalanlagegesellschaft of Bankhauses Schröder, Münchmeyer, Hengst (SMH) with DM 6 billion under management and founder of NESTOR Funds together with Bankhaus MM Warburg Hamburg, contributed his know-how of global watch and asset allocation.
  • Mathias Stüfe (50% ownership) contributed 10 years of experience in emerging markets and his profound network about value stocks.

In 2000 Dr. Kaposi retired and sold his share to Partner Stüfe. The name changed to Stüfe & Partner Asset Management and the firm moved to Frankfurt-Königstein.

In 2014 Stüfe’s office relocated to the vibrant city of Heidelberg, from where he oversees his operations and lives closer to partners and associates. Once a week he meets business partners in Frankfurt. Stüfe is good friends with Dr. Kaposi and appreciates his views on capital markets and his expertise of global developments.