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Mathias Stüfe, Diplom-Kaufmann

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Mathias Stüfe Dipl. KFM.

After studying in Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA, Mathias had a lucky start in emerging European Capital Markets:

  • In 1984 he picked the Austrian stock market, which showed the lowest evaluations against all major markets at that time. Vienna turned out to be the No. 1 stock exchange in 1985.
  • In fall 1985 Mathias published a study on “Spain before the EC entry”. Madrid proved to be the No. 1 stock exchange in 1986.

Those 2 decisions turned a low budget student into a DM millionaire within 24 months.

In 1987 the worst global stock exchange crash after World War 2 was a great learning experience that made him a well defined investment strategy:

  • Only buy value
  • Minimize risk
  • Think global, act local

From the nineties until now the asset manager Mathias has generated stunning results in mature markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain or emerging markets in Eastern Europe and South America. A summary of his professional carreer shows a global experience and a deep knowledge of capital markets beyond asset management:

  • a trainee in Seoul (South Korea) in 1983
  • a bank representative for a Spanish group (Banco Urquijo, Grupo March) in Frankfurt from 1988 to 1993
  • head of international equity origination at Deutsche Bank Frankfurt until 1994
  • As chairman of Deutsche Balaton AG (German holding company) he oversaw a startup that began with a mere € 2.5 Million Euros of capital and is now worth more than € 150 Million.
  • In the primary market he has been involved in more than 100 IPOs, listings or private placements.
  • In the “non profit world” he is a member of honor of the “Workshop Stock Exchange Mannheim University”, which he founded in 1984. The workshop with more than 1000 members is associated to Germany´s number 1 business school.