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Account Opening

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Currency accounts:
You may open one or more accounts in all major currencies such as US $, CAN $, EURO, British Pound or special ones such as Rubel etc. Choice of Bank: You may open with a bank we cooperate with or a bank of your choice if this bank is able to cooperate with us.

Identification procedure:
We are authorized to identify you at any place or country of your choice by haveing a look at your passport. You do not have to talk to anybody except us. We will treat all your issues with utmost confidentiality.

Compliance Issues:
You will only be asked questions legally required. We will not apply any additional compliance issues as many large banks nowadays do. Trust us we will do our utmost not to complicate your life.

Bank services:

  • ONLINE access to your accounts and to your wealth situation with many extra tools for portfolio and performance evaluation.
  • Cash access: you may get a credit card or debit card with access to ATMs worldwide.
  • TOP REPORTING: You will receive monthly reports on your account balance, your portfolio value and all transactions via postal mail or online mail box. Benefit from our direct access to trading desk: We can buy and sell on your request via the trading desk by phone. Best execution is strictly supervised by us.
  • Top-terms and conditions: You will benefit from Stuefe & Partner’s favourable terms for trading and account and custody fees we have negotiated with the bank of your choice.